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Batschka Photo Collection, From the archives of Paula Schleis

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An Illustrated History of the Donauschwaben

Hemp Industry in Batschsentiwan, The ”White Gold" of the Batschka

Rosemary in the Life of the Danube Swabians

Life of a Schwob "A farmer's daily life in the village"

Batschka Musicians

Paul Abraham - An Operetta Composer: He was born in Apatin (Abthausen) 02 Nov 1892.  (His birth-house is situated in the main street in Abthausen and it stands just around the corner of the Post st. and Ulica Srpskih Vladara St. Vojvodjanska Bank is just opposite of the house). Paul Abraham died in Hamburg 07 May 1960.   
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Friendship Circle Danube Swabian Brass Band Music by Richard Hummel

Robert Rohr, renown Danube Swabian Music Historian, Composer & Author

The Dolls

Batsch-Sentiwan Fasching Photo

Danube Swabian Easter Customs Lebzelter & The Easter Customs for the People of the Village of Bulkes

Customs on Festival Days Springtime & Easter

New Years Day

My Big Adventure: America - 1956

On Becoming a Woodworker

My Father, the Meat Chopper

Roots remain along Danube

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