Batschka Memoirs

A Small History To Remember By Andrea Ballreich, 2003

Roots remain along Danube by Paula Schleis

New Years Day by Adam Martini, translation by son, Hans Martini

Danube Swabian Easter Customs Lebzelter And the Easter Customs for the People of the Village of Bulkes by Heinrich Hoffmann, translated by Brad Schwebler

Customs on Festival Days Springtime & Easter - from the book "The Germans of the Community of Feketic / Feketitsch" by Dr. Viktor Pratscher - translated by Brad Schwebler

On Becoming a Woodworker by Adam Martini, translation by son, Hans Martini

My Big Adventure: America - 1956 by Adam Martini, translation by son, Hans Martini

the 40's ~ "the way of sorrows" for the Donauschwaben
Concise accounts of war crimes during and after World War II

The Beginning of the Following Sorrowful Story January 21, 1945 by John Knodel. 39 amazing pages of the daily diary John kept from Jan 1945 to Christmas 1949, translation by his granddaughter Gerti Soderquist Knodel born in Harta / Hartau in Bács-Kiskun County, Batschka, a survivor who made it to America.  A must read!

Deported to the USSR - Frankfurt/Oder - Door to Freedom and End Station for Many by Peter Krier

The Potatoes by Adam Martini, translation by son, Hans Martin.  A Story of a brave 8 year old boy in Palanka, during WW2.

Memories from Gakowa 1940's by Katherine Hoeger-Flotz

Haigermoos - Camp, Remembrances of my Time in Austria by Adam Martini, translation by Trentoner Donauschwaben Nachrichten Newsletter staff

Thinking often on VRBAS in the Backa by Valerie Kreutzer

Katy (Katch) - My Life, the Flight 1944-45 by Kathe Fichtinger Written by my Aunt Kathe Fichtinger, who now lives in Bavaria. Translated by Kathe and her son Rudi, submitted by Larry Hale.

Letter from Camp Pasicevo/Altker by Eva Zentner. Translation by niece Rose Vetter.

A Vrbas, Backa, Story by Karl Kreutzer. Translated by Valerie Kreutzer

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