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The Hungarian Property Tax 1828 Land Census

"Vagyonösszeirás" - "Megye / County"

The 1828 Hungarian Property Tax Census (the “Census”), in Hungarian known as Vagyonösszeirás - 1828, is a census of individuals owning taxable property.  The Census listed the individuals and their taxable holdings.  Entries were handwritten in the Latin language and column headings on the Census forms were pre-printed in Latin.   The entire country of Hungary was included. 

Records are arranged by counties, and within the counties by localities in alphabetical order.   County and town names are the Hungarian names in use in 1828.    A sample of the name entries appears at the right -- click the image for a larger view.

The Census was created by the Hungarian Government and the original records reside in the National Archives of Hungary.  The entire Census has been microfilmed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and comprises 319 microfilms.  These microfilms are listed in the Family History Library Catalog (FHLC) of the LDS.  They may be found as Place (Hungary); Topic (Hungary-Census); Title (Vagyonösszeirás, 1828). 


Radix: Városok: Temesvár (szkv.), Versec (tjv.), Vinga (rtv.), Fehértemplom (rtv.)

Hungarian Names of Villages & Cities & LDS / Family History Center Microfilm Numbers:
Temes County | Torontál County | Bács-Bodrog

Note: Temesch, Torontal & Karasch counties made up the (undivided) Banat.  After 1920 (Trianon) they were split, with possible little adjustments that can only seen by examining the maps in detail.

Buy the Books: The Hungarian Property Tax 1828 Land Census - Germans & Hungarians Extractions by Martha Remer Connor

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