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Alsace-Lorraine / Elsaß-Lothringen

Alsace-Lorraine (French: Alsace-Lorraine; German: Elsaß-Lothringen) was a territory disputed between the nation states of France and Germany. Today, Alsace and Lorraine are two separate, adjacent provinces in France. It was French until 1871, German until 1918, French until 1940, German until 1945, and French since then.

The territory, composed of Alsace and parts of Lorraine, originally belonged to the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation since the year 921, but was gradually annexed by France since the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. After the Franco-Prussian War in 1871, the Treaty of Frankfurt confirmed the return of these parts to the newly-founded German Empire. A short-lived independence after World War I was ended by French troops in 1918 and the 1919 Treaty of Versailles.

"L'émigration des lorrains vers le Banat et la Batschka au 18ème siècle"  (Emigration from the Province of Lorraine to the Banat and the Batschka in the 18th Century, Volume 1, a Genealogical Collection), the first volume of Charles Amann's work is not available.

From the West to the East and from the East to the West: identity avatars of the French Banaters (published 29 May 2007)

The Colonization of the Banat Following its Turkish Occupation - With particular emphasis on emigration from Lorraine and Luxemburg (Southern Belgian province of Luxemburg) (published 22 Feb 2007)

French & German Settlers from Alsace-Lorraine, Luxembourg & Trier - includes 106 family names & a small list with statements of origin.  (Mercydorf 1734-1934 by Peter Schiff - II. Settlement ~ c.)

Part 1: Villages Lorrains En Roumanie
by André Rosambert, 1933

L'Illustration (French Magazine)
 01 Apr 1933 N. 4700

Article of interest to Banaters, and all those who have roots from the Lorrain area. A focus on Saint-Hubert, Charleville and Seultour.


Part 2: Villages Lorrains En Roumanie
by André Rosambert, 1934

L'Illustration (French Magazine)
24 Nov 1934 - Issue N. 4786

Article of interest to Banaters, and all those who have roots from the Lorrain area. A focus on Saint-Hubert, Charleville and Seultour and Mercydorf. 


External Links

Alsace-Lorraine Genealogy

Généalogie Lorraine / Genealogy in Lorraine

Alsace, France - Encyclopedie de L'Alsace, Volume 5, Pages 2695-2698. Article by Professor Jean Schweitzer, Strasbourg, France. Translation from French to English by Michele LeBoldus, Ottawa, Ontario

Alsace Map

Alsace-Lorraine - an Enclave of Ethnic Germans in France

Alsace-Lorraine Map

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