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Austria-Hungary Family Research

Austro-Hungarian Monarchy: Hungary before and after 1920

All Germans during the time period of 1687 to 1790 settling in Hungary called Ungarländische-Deutsche and who emigrated from their respective settlement area after 1867 maybe listed as originating from Austria-Hungary or Hungary. They are known after 1920 as Danube Swabians their towns now located in their new country of Romania, Yugoslavia or Hungary are listed as being from those countries.

Danube Swabian Associations in Austria

Landsmannschaft der Deutschen aus Ungarn - Bundesverband e.V.

Federation of the Banater Swabia [in Austria] Chairman: Franz Klein
Schoenburgstr. 15/5, A-1040 Vienna.  Tel. 01 503 36 87

100th Year Banater Swabian in Austria 1907-2007 by Dr. Hans Dama

Donauschwaben Wien

Race, Ethnicity & Administration in Early 18th-Century Habsburg Hungary (PDF)

Germans & Hungarians: 1828 Land Census by Mrs. Martha Remer Conner

About The Hungarian Property Tax 1828 Land Census

Austria-Hungarian Military Records by Karen Hob is now on CD.  What extensive data she has accumulated in how to find our Danube Swabian ancestors through the military records. Its superb!  For more information or for ordering her CD, please contact Karen directly KarenHob@aol.com.

Austria-Hungary History

Counties of Hungary
1910 Magyarorszag Map

Abaúj-Torna Hunyad Tolna
Alsó-Fehér Jász-Nagykun- Szolnok Torda-Aranyos
Arad Kis-Küküllö Torontál
Árva Kolozs Trencsén
Bács-Bodrog Komárom Turóc
Baranya Krassó-Szörény Udvarhely
Bars Liptó Ugocsa
Békés Máramaros Ung
Bereg Maros-Torda Vas
Beszterce-Naszód Moson Veszprém
Bihar Nagy-Küküllö Zala
Borsod Nográd Zemplén
Brassó Nyitra Zólyom
Csanád Pest-Pillis-Solt-Kiskun Fiume (town)
Csík Pozsony Belovár-Körös
Csongrád Sáros Lika-Korbava
Esztergom Somogy Modrus-Fiume
Fejér Sopron Pozsega
Fogaras Szabolcs Szerém
Gömör Szatmár Varasd
Györ Szeben Vas
Hajdú Szepes Veröce
Háromszék Szilágy Zágráb
Heves Szolnok-Doboka Zala
Hont Temes  
External Links:

National archives of Hungary (in Hungarian)

Institute for Historical Family Research genealogy in the lands of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire.

To find military records for the Austro-Hungarian Army, one first needs to determine where and how to look for them since they were kept at different locations during various periods of time. The records were also kept differently for the various states within the Empire. Consequently, it can be a little confusing if one does not understand a bit about the history of the Austrian Empire and the subsequent Austro-Hungarian Empire. Excerpts from: Austro-Hungarian Army Records by Carl Kotlarchik (great site!), including the following points: A Guide for Locating Military Records for the Various Regions of the Austro-Hungarian Empire by Carl Kotlarchik

Determining the time period for searching military records - The three major time periods to consider are:
1. Pre-1867 - Records centrally maintained at the Vienna War Archives. These records include soldiers from the entire Empire including individuals from Austria, the Czech regions, Galicia, and all of Hungary.
2. 1867 to 1918 - Records maintained by Austria and by Hungary separately. Austria kept the records for the regions they directly administered, including Galicia and the Czech regions of Bohemia and Moravia. Hungary kept those for everyone in their kingdom, which included the Slovaks and other slavs within their borders. By treaty, these records were to be sent to the successor countries but there is a lot of conflicting information as to what has happened to these records (see section below on Czech Military Records).
3. Post-1918 - Records maintained by the states of Czechoslovakia (1st and 2nd Republic) and Slovakia (1st Republic) as well as the other successor nations of Poland, Yugoslavia, Romania, the Ukraine, and various countries formed after Yugoslavia was broken up.

Austrian Empire and Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (till 1918) - For research relating to former crown lands, duchies, countships or other territories of the historical empire or the double monarchy, select the respective GenWeb country as indicated below and/or post your queries to the appropriate Rootsweb or Ancestry message boards (former GenConnect boards). (Austrian Genealogy Pages)

English name
RLL Code
German name
Recommended Resource Message Board
Austria of today AUT Österreich Go to Modern Austrian provinces Austria
Austria-Hungary AUT-HUN Österreich Select one of the crownlands, duchies or provinces from the list below Austria-Hungary
Austrian Littoral AUT
Küstenland Use KüstenlandGenWeb hosted by Richard Camaur. Küstenland
Bohemia BOH, AUT Böhmen Use CzechGenWeb Bohemia
Czech Republic
Bukovina BUK, AUT Bukovina Use RomanianGenWeb or UkraineGenWeb Romania
Carniola KRA, AUT Krain Use SloveniaGenWeb Slovenia
Dalmatia DAL, AUT Dalmatien Use CroatiaGenWeb Croatia
Galicia GAI, AUT Galizien Use PolishGenWeb or UkraineGenWeb (for Lodomeria) Poland   Ukraine
Illyria ILR, AUT Illyrien Use CroatiaGenWeb Croatia
Istria IST, AUT Istrien Use CroatiaGenWeb Croatia
Lombardy LOM, AUT Lombardei Use ItalianGenWeb Italy
Moravia MAE, AUT Mähren Use CzechGenWeb Moravia
Silesia SCI, AUT Schlesien Use CzechGenWeb (Austrian Silesia) or PolishGenWeb Moravia
Sudetenland SUD, AUT Sudetenland Use CzechGenWeb Czech Republic
Sundgau SUN, AUT Sundgau Use FranceGenWeb France
Veneto VNT, AUT Veneto Use ItalianGenWeb Italy

German Bohemian Heritage Society

Hungarian Genealogy & Local History Databases
- Genealogy research in Hungary - Message board

Hungary GenForum message board

Austria-Hungary - Rootsweb message board

Hungarian Cultural & Information Center

Links to Hungary related Genealogy sites

25 Essential Websites for Austro- Hungarian Genealogy

Custom Travel in Hungary - Owner Molnár Ádám writes... our main area of activities is done in Hungary, but I drove some other Americans to Ada on the Tisza river in Vojvodina last year.  Utilizing my contacts in Romania, we can organize trips in the whole area that might be of  interest for German American researchers. My wife lectures at the Germanistisches Institute of Budapest University, which is closely associated with the Ungarndeutsches Zentrum.  This may be useful in the future if we want to do some researches.
Recommended by:
Beth Tolfree / traveled Aug 2004
Joseph Martin / traveled Oct 2006

ProGenealogists - Family History Research Group - Records Retrieval and Ancestry Research

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