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Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors!


Ungarische Urbarialtabellen von 1768 (Land Census) & 1768 Urberi Tabellak

Many German families emigrated to Hungary before the large- scale migrations to the Donauschwaben regions and settled in the area of the "Schildegeberge" (in Südwestliche ungarische Mittelgebirge (Hungarian Highlands).  This is the area composed of the hills south of the Danube in the northern part of Hungary, known in Hungarian as Gerecse and Vértes, and centered around Tatabánya. Some of these settlers later moved on to the Batschka and Banat. Settlers in this region can be found in another Hungarian land census - the 1768 Urberi Tabellak. This census can be searched quite quickly as the German-speaking towns are quite well defined.

There are number of German towns in several counties. This series of films can be found in the FHL under "Hungary - Taxation, Urberi Tabellak". Some FHL film numbers are 1529753 (end), 1529754, 1529755.

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