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Surname changes in Hungary 1800-1893

KlimoTheca digital library has now made the pages of Zoltán Szentiványi's surname change book that was used for compiling this database, available online, free. Go to: http://kt.lib.pte.hu/cgi-bin/kt.cgi?konyvtar/kt04112203/index.html 
The page is in Hungarian. On the left side of the page, click on Tartalomjegyzék, then click on the starting letter of the surname to start browsing.

The book at (KlimoTheca digital library) contains the following information:
- new surname
- new surname
- given name(s)
- profession (occupation)
- place (probably place of residence)
- names of family members whose names are also changed (when applicable)
- reference to the government body approving the name change, abbreviations
  • UK = Udvari kancellária = The Chancellor's Office
  • HT = Helytartótanács = Governor-general's Office
  • BM = Belügyminisztérium = Ministry of Interior)
    - permit (file) number
    - permit (file) year (two digits)
  János Bogárdi, site owner of RadixIndex has provided these images for some time now, and you can still access them via the website: www.radixindex.com/databases

The RadixIndex database contains the following information:
- new surname
- new surname
- given name
- place
- permit (file) year

Sample of page

Zoltán Szentiványi was the anonymous compiler of the book that was used for this database:

Századunk névváltoztatásai: Helytartósági és miniszteri engedélylyel megváltoztatott nevek gyűjteménye, 1800-1893 / eredeti okmányok alapján összeállította a Magyar Heraldikai és Genealógiai Társaság egyik igazgató-választmányi tagja. - Budapest: Hornyánszky Viktor, 1895.- [4], 253, [1] p.; 23 cm
[English translation of bibliographical data: The surname changes of our century: The collection of names changed with permits from the governor-general office or from the ministry, 1800-1893 / based on original documents compiled by one of the members of the board of directors of the Hungarian Heraldic and Genealogical Society. - Budapest: Viktor Hornyánszky, 1895.- [4], 253, [1] p.; 23 cm]

Source: www.radixindex.com

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