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"Every man is a quotation from all his ancestors."
- C
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Symbols & Abbreviations
[used in church records]

Symbol / Abbr. Deutsch English
J jahr alt years old
ca. circa about
* / geb. / nat. geboren / natus, nata born
~~ / get. getauft baptized, christened
 (*) / spur. aussereheliche Geburt / spurius, spuria born illegitimate
 ~ / ~~ getauft baptized
ren. renatus, renata baptized, christened
 o verlobt engaged
weibl. weiblich feminine
ma"nnl. ma"nnlich masculine
Sv/Sd sohn von/sohn des son of
 oo / getr. verheiratet / getraut married
 I oo 1. Ehe 1st marriage
 II oo 2. Ehe 2nd marriage
 + / gest. gestorben died
 +us / +g mortuus died
 +* totgeburt stillborn
0 / verl. verlobt engaged
verh. verheiratet married
ux. uxor wife
 o/o geschieden divorced
Vid. / Wwr / Wwe vidua/viduus - witwe/witwer widow/widower
ehel ehelich legitimate
 o-o / unehel. freie Verbindung illegitimate or common law union
 X gefallen killed in action at war
 +X an im Kampf erlittenen Wunden gestorben died of wounds suffered while at war
 [] / beg. begraben buried
 ++     diese Linie ausgestorben this line extinct
 !! Pfarrer Priest
 /### Kind von ### child of parent ###
u. und and
ud und des and of
um   about
Tg tage day
Mo monat month
Trz   witness to marriage
Tv/Td tochter von / tochter des daughter of
Ki kinder child/children
N.N. nomen nescio name not known
H-Nr haus # house number in the town
Ansiedl. epod. - eodem (the same) settler

[Contributed by Alex Leeb. Published at DVHH.org 2004 by Jody McKim Pharr]

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