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Current Telephone listings for German Families in Dudestii Noi, Romania

2007 - Neubeschenowa biannually meeting:
16th of June 2007 in Augsburg.

Notification made by Alin Nica, Primarul Comunei Dudestii Noi, Mayor of Dudestii Noi, Dudestii Noi, 139, Timis, Romania     

2006 - Neubeschenowa biannually meeting:
The Neubeschenowa people who live now in Germany meet biannually in Augsburg for a weekend. It is always a great event with music, dancing, church service etc.  My friend, Karin
Müller (ewald@neubeschenowa.de) is helping actively in organizing these events.  If you are interested to get some information about the biannual Neubeschenowa meeting in Germany or other information related to Neubeschenowa, Karin would be very glad to provide you with it.  - Erwin Deininger  


Men of Neubeschenowa, Cemetery Images

Krambo Families: Neubeschenowa - USA

Ebner Families: Neubeschenowa - USA

Guestbook Archives

Krambo & Schäffer
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of  Anneliese Tillmanns

Krambo & Schäffer


My father Matthias Schäffer, was born in Neubeschenowa.  I was there 2 times, 1970 and 1976.  In 1970, with my parents and grandparents, we visited a lot of people, including the Krambo family.  They had two children, a daughter and a son, Hans, both would be over 50 today and neither live in Neubeschenowa any longer.   There were many families with the name Schäffer in Neubeschenowa. My father died 15 years ago, so I couldn't ask his questions now.

Mathias Homann of Setschan, referred Anneliese to the DVHH site, he writes...

Anneliese's mother was born in Setschan and her Dad "SCHÄFFER" came from Neubeschenowa .  She was in Neubeschenowa for two times:
The first time with her grandparents and parents and the second time she rode drove alone on the train.  She said: "In this train where all Nations and one German - me !!!! But we had a great fun and we eat together in this train ...."
November 30, 2004



Anneliese Tillmanns






Scheibling, Heindric/Heinrich, Funk & Bach
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Bill Heinze

Scheibling, Heindric/Heinrich,
Funk & Bach


My Mother Helen Scheibling was born in 1924, Neubeschenowa, Banat.   She is still alive and living in California, USA.   Her parents were Joeseph Scheibling, her mothers last name was Heindric.  My Mom has told me many stories of her early years and her escaped to Chicago around 1938.

My maternal great grand parents were Balthasar & Magdalena Heinrich.  We are also related to some Funk and Bach families and probably a lot more.  Also have a step family from Yugoslavia.



Bill Heinze


Albietz, Ebner, Eckert, Funk, Henkes, Lindauer, Pibauer, Scheibling, Schuch, Siebold & Vökle
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Boglárka Lázár


Boglárka Lázár

Pécs, Hungary


Klingler & Wagner
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Bob Wagner

Klingler & Wagner


My only known Wagner's in Neubeschenowa, were Peter born ? and spouse Barbara Jung ? Peter's son Ludwig born in 1836 married Anna Maria Enderle, born 1839 in Ujvár/Uiwar/Neuburg.  Anna was the reason Ludwig Wagner move from Neubeschenowa to Ujvár.  Ludwig was my gr. grandfather. As far as I know Peter and Barbara died in Neubeschenowa.  For more information about Ludwig Wagner, Anna Marie Enderle and their children (all born in Ujvár), see my family website.

German: Uiwar, Hungary
German: Neuburg an der Bega, Romania
Hungarian: Ujvár, Hungary
Official: Uivar, Romania

Uivar was filial parish of Pardan. The following village books exist for Uiwar:

*   Josef Ban: "Monographie der röm. katholischen Gemeinde Uivar. Jubiläumsausgabe" [Monograph on the Roman Catholic community Ujvar. Jubilee publication], 1925, Timisoara, 22 pages.
*   Hans Hoffmann: "Neuburg an der Bega", 1981, Ahorn/Coburg, Münche-Druck, 346 pages.
*   Josef Kühn: Familienbuch Ujvár/ Neuburg an der Bega 1812-1898 and Aurelheim 1847-1898 im Banat. Sindelfingen 1993.


Bob Wagner

St. Louis MO USA

Family website








Regets, Schneider, Warak & Waszmer
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Chris Warack

Regets, Schneider, Warak & Waszmer



Chris Warack

Thess / Thiser / Thesz / This
  Family of Neubeschenowa
  of David Thas

Thess / Thiser / Thesz / This

Nikolaus Thess (Thiser, Thesz, This) was the 2nd of 9 children.  Nikolaus married and died in Nakodorf/Nakovo/Seilesch.  His parents were Josef Thiser and Katharina Fritz.  So I'm hoping to go back further with them.  They may have stayed/died in Neubeschenowa as well as other family members.  This info from Hans Grimm.  I want to get the Familienbuch Neubeschenowa.


David Thas

Herzog / Fellenz
  Families of Neubeschenowa

of Diana Herzog



Herzog is my paternal family name.  But my grandmother was also from Neubeschenowa.  Her maiden name was Fellenz.  More to come...



Diana Herzog

  Family of Neubeschenowa
  of Erwin Deininger


I was born in Neubeschenowa in 1959 and grew up in house # 411.

Both, my friend Karin Mueller, also born in Neubeschenowa in 1959. Karin left Romania with her family in the mid seventies and emigrated to Germany.  I left Romania in 1982 with my parents and sister and emigrated to Germany as well. Since 1997 I live in the US. In 1999 I got married to my wife Heather and lived with our two children in Arlington VA., and in 2005 we moved to The Hague in the Netherlands.



Erwin Deininger

The Hague, Netherlands


  Family of Neubeschenowa
  of Ewald Schneider




Ewald Schneider

  Family of Neubeschenowa
  of Greg Langdon


My great-grandfather Peter Berwanger was born in Neubeschenowa in 1874. He later emigrated to America. I am interested in learning about where my ancestors came from.


Greg Langdon

Krambo - Federspiel
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Hannelore Federspiel

Krambo & Federspiel

Patrick Lampel * Freiburg, GER
Markus Presa * Freiburg, GER
Hans Juergen Krambo *1975 Satumare, RO
Robert unknown
Christian unknown II
Anita Christian *1980
Michael Schuster *1961 Wuppertal-Elberfeld, GER
Hannelore Federspiel * 1969 Neubeschenowa, RO
Reinhardt Rausch *1954 Bakowa, RO
Gertrude Federspiel *1960 Neubeschenowa, RO
Josef jr. Federspiel *1963 Neubeschenowa, RO
Gabriele Siang *1960 Wuppertal, GER
Freddie Lampel * Semicolau, RO
Marianne Presa *1958 Neubeschenowa, RO
Johann Presa *Neubeschenowa, RO
Doris * Arad, RO
Gerhard Federspiel *1958 Ketfel, RO
Dieter Federspiel *1962 Ketfel, RO
Johann Schuch *1977 Neubeschenowa, RO
Johann Krambo *1949 Neubeschenowa, RO
Marika unknown *Satumare, RO
unknown Nietsch
Maria Krambo *1950 Neubeschenowa, RO † 2000 Sindelfingen, GER
Magdalena Christian *1950 Neubeschenowa, RO
Irmgard Christian *1955 Dropia / Baragan, RO
Robert Christian * 1957 Orzidorf, RO
Marlene Christian *1958 Neubeschenowa, RO
Peter Christian *1962 Neubeschenowa, RO
Sabine * Freiburg / Germany oo 1/09/1984 Wuppertal-Barmen, GER oo 1994 Otting, GER oo oo oo 1967 Satumare, RO oo 08/1999 Sindelfingen, GER
Josef Federspiel *1938 Neubeschenowa, RO † 30/07/2002 Messdorf, GER
Gertraud Krambo *1937 Neubeschenowa, RO
Oswald Federspiel *1941 Neubeschenowa, RO
Magdalena Sens *1946 Neubeschenowa, RO
Joan Presa * RO
Maria Federspiel *Neubeschenowa, RO
Franz Federspiel *1936 Ketfel, RO † 1997 Leverkusen, GER
Katharina Wetzer *1939 Ketfel, RO † 1998 Leverkusen, GER
Nikolaus Federspiel *1938 Ketfel, RO
Hermine Wetzer *1940 Ketfel, RO
Josef Schuch *1950 Neubeschenowa, RO
Johann Schuch *1953 Neubeschenowa, RO
Maria Theiss *1951 Neubeschenowa, RO
Phillip Schuch *1954 Neubeschenowa, RO
Hertha unknown
Michael Krambo *1925 Neubeschenowa, RO † 22/09/1945 Split / Kroatia
Peter Krambo *1928 Neubeschenowa, RO † 9/08/1947 Stalino / Russia
Johann Krambo *1921 Neubeschenowa, RO † 1988 Boeblingen, GER
Maria Schmidt *06/1928 Neubeschenowa, RO
Matthias Krambo *1924 Neubeschenowa, RO † 1944 MIA
Josef Christian *1928 Neubeschenowa, RO † 1992 Homburg an der Saar, GER
Magdalena Leichnam *1926 Orzidorf, RO
Johann Christian *1933 Neubeschenowa, RO
Elisabetha Weldi *1938 Neubeschenowa, RO
Richard Wagner *1924 Neubeschenowa, RO
Viktor Wagner *1926 Neubeschenowa, RO
Anna Hoffmann *1929 Neubeschenowa, RO oo 28/02/1960 Neubeschenowa, RO oo oo Ketfel, RO oo 1961 Ketfel, RO oo 1950 Neubeschenowa, RO
Matthias Federspiel *1916 Neubeschenowa, RO † Freiburg, GER
Maria Siebold * 8/07/1921 Neubeschenowa, RO † 03/2003 Freiburg, GER
Wes Kathie's Mann
Federspiel Katharina
Phillip Schuch † 1944 MIA
Josef Schuch † 1994 Augsburg, GER
Michael Krambo *9/05/1899 Neubeschenowa, RO † 12/10/1989 Wuppertal-Vohwinkel, GER
Katharina Reiter *30/10/1905 Neubeschenowa, RO † 15/06/1989 Wuppertal-Vohwinkel, GER
Johann Krambo *1896 Neubeschenowa, RO † 03/1975 Neubeschenowa, RO
Katharina Willems *1900 Neubeschenowa, RO † 1990 Boeblingen, GER
Gertraud Krambo *1902 Neubeschenowa, RO † 11/05/1969 Neubeschenowa, RO
Maria Reiter *1903 Neubeschenowa, RO † 1903 Neubeschenowa, RO
Johann Christian *1907 Neubeschenowa, RO
Magdalena Reiter *1909 Neubeschenowa, RO † 1942 Neubeschenowa,RO
Johann Wagner *1896 Neubeschenowa, RO † 1952 Baragan, RO
Magdalena Hoffmann *1898 Neubeschenowa, RO † 1990 Philipsburg, GER
Matthias Hoffmann
Anna ? oo 1937 Neubeschenowa, RO oo 1923 Neubeschenowa, RO oo 1920 Neubeschenowa, RO
unknown Federspiel † 1917 MIA
Phillip Schuch
Katharina Zippel * Neubeschenowa, RO † 1967 Neubeschenowa, RO
unknown II Federspiel
Josef Siebold *1896 Neubeschenowa, RO † 1984 Neubeschenowa, RO
Katharina Neiss *1901 Neubeschenowa, RO † 1988 Freiburg, GER
Johann Krambo *1871 Neubeschenowa, RO † 04/1954 Dropia / Baragan
Gertraud Schaefer *1880 Neubeschenowa, RO † 31/01/1973 Neubeschenowa, RO
Peter Schaefer *Neubeschenowa, RO † 1953 Baragan, RO
Johann Reiter *1882 Neubeschenowa, RO † 02/1970 Neubeschenowa, RO
Maria Herzog *Neubeschenowa, RO † 1948 Neubeschenowa, RO
unknown Hoffmann
Maria Reiter
Anna Reiter gestorben als junges Maedchen Reiter oo oo oo 1896 Neubeschenowa, RO
unknown III Federspiel *Ketfel, RO
Johann Schaefer *Neubeschenowa, RO † Neubeschenowa, RO
Gertraud Fixmer *Neubeschenowa, RO † Neubeschenowa, RO
unknown Reiter oo


Hannelore Federspiel

Michael Schuster

  Family of Neubeschenowa
  of Hans Grimm



Childhood Friends: Hans Grimm, Hans Christian & Josef Schäfer circa 1941-1943



Hans Grimm

Hans is preparing a Neubeschenowa Family Book.  Submit family information to Hans Grimm:
Address: A-4193 Reichental, Niederreichenthal 8
Telephone: 07214-4279 / Email:


Nischbach, Kraus, Backes & Wersching
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Helen Remich Dubas

Nischbach, Kraus, Backes &

Peter Nischbach *11/2/1876 Neubeschenowa +24/1/1952 Phila., PA  00 Anna Maria Gille/Giele *11/1/1876 Johannisfeld +5/6/1908 Baltimore, MD
Catherine Barbara Nischbach *9/1/1899 Hungary +25/9/1967 Phila., PA
Mathias Nischbach *2/9/1900 Hungary +1977 Norristown, PA
Eva Nischbach *27/12/1902 Hungary +?
Elizabeth V. Nischbach *27/11/1904 Hungary +27/10/1978 Pottstown, PA

Their passenger records list residence as Obad (I have the document)

My grandmother was Catherine, listed above...she married Adam Stahl of Bogarosch and so the tangled web continues, see . . .
Romich/Remich, Wingergon, Schneider, Berg, Yohon Families of Mercydorf


click images to enlarge

Peter Nischbach *11/2/1876 Neubeschenowa +24/1/1952 Phila., PA  00 Anna Maria Gille/Giele *11/1/1876 Johannisfeld +5/6/1908 Baltimore, MD
Catherine Barbara Nischbach *9/1/1899 Hungary +25/9/1967 Phila., PA
Mathias Nischbach *2/9/1900 Hungary +1977 Norristown, PA
Eva Nischbach *27/12/1902 Hungary +?
Elizabeth V. Nischbach *27/11/1904 Hungary +27/10/1978 Pottstown, PA

Their passenger records list residence as Obad (I have the document)

When I began research on my great grandfather, Peter Nischbach, I used the original ship manifest of his wife and four children to guide my search. His wife, Marianna, who came after he did, listed their residence as Obad, Hungary. Unfortunately, I made the wrong assumption in believing that because the family resided in Obad when they emigrated, that they were born there as well. 

It was not until several years later, after reviewing the DU Kalenders (38.158), that I discovered that my great grandfather, Peter Nischbach, originated from Neubeschenowa, and that his deceased wife, Marianna, originated from Johannisfeld.

Peter Nischbach Family of Neubeschenowa
Nb = Neubeschenowa
submitted by Hans Grimm 

NISCHBACH Nikolaus Sv.  Mathias N. u. Margarethe Wersching
* 15.03.1845 Nb   +21.08.1884 Nb                      
oo06.06.1870  Nb   
WEBER Magdalena Tv.  Nikolaus W. Katharina Weitz       
* 14.05.1839Nb                                                            
1 Maria Magdalena *31.07.1871    +26.09.1871
2 Mathias         *11.11.1873    +25.09.1877
3 Peter           *11.02.1875              
4 Bernard         *16.10.1876    +10.08.1877
5 Barbara         *08.10.1880            
NISCHBACH Peter Sv.  Wendelin N. u. Anna Backes        
* 28.08.1840Nb                   +31.01.1882 Nb                      
oo28.01.1873  Nb                      
KARL Magdalena Tv.  Jakob K. u. Magdalena Franzen     
* 07.01.1852Nb                   +18.05.1939Nb                           
1 Magdalena       *08.03.1874              
2 Anna +          *11.04.1876    +20.04.1876
3 Peter           *19.04.1877              
4 Anna            *22.06.1878              
5 Eva             *16.10.1880              
6 Michael   illeg *07.12.1885    +13.12.1885
NISCHBACH Josef Sv.  Josef N. u. Anna Kraus            
* 09.11.1853Nb                   +13.07.1948 Nb                      
oo14.10.1873  Nb                      
FETT Margarethe Tv.  Jakob F. u. Katharina Molitor     
* 02.11.1954Sackelhausen 103     +25.12.1928Nb                           
1 Josef           *02.09.1874    +02.09.1874
2 Margarethe      *29.06.1875              
3 Peter           *08.08.1877              
4 Johann          *30.07.1879              
5 Barbara         *23.12.1881    +03.07.1896
6 Josef Johann    *15.08.1884    +19.08.1884
7 Jakob   zw.     *15.08.1884    +27.08.1884
8 Anna Maria      *05.07.1885    +08.02.1886
9 Anna            *18.12.1886    +26.03.1914
10 Josef           *17.03.1889

More in German: http://www.hilfswerk-der-banater-schwaben.de/



Helen Remich Dubas

Josef Nischbach
Seniorenzentrum Center
for the aging Banater Swabian
Ingolstadt, Germany

Center is home of 40 Banater Swabian elderly people.

© Neubeschenowa by Anton Peter Petri, 1963

Click images above to enlarge. 
Note: Volunteer needed to translate this article into English.

Berger, Honich, Hutsebaut, Ingrisch, Klinger, Krause, Lindeman, Lindenauer, Mueller, Musler, Pohlman, Rogieriski, Schneider
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Jeanne Honich

Berger, Honich, Hutsebaut, Ingrisch, Klinger, Krause, Lindeman, Lindenauer, Mueller, Musler, Pohlman, Rogieriski & Schneider

See family tree:
Note: Concerning the Krausz family in Neubeschenowa: I know at least one family with the above spelling. One of my class mates in primary school was Donate Krausz. In fact I shared for a few years the same school bench with her. As far as I know,  the whole family now lives in Germany. If you need more info, please let me know. - Erwin Deininger


Jeanne Honich
Jody McKim

For more information
see the family site

Ingrisch/Engrisch, Bauer, Matz/Maltz & Kifer
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Jody McKim

Ingrisch/Engrich, Bauer & Matz/Maltz


Joannes Raymundus INGRISCH b. ~1750 [??], ex Imperio ( Loco “Tepl. [?] Fepl.” ie [?] “Tipelweiler, Trevirensis”) must have been in the military1 
Note: born between 1763-1769 according to Church Registry in Rojau - Habakladrau - In County (Kreis) of Marienbad, Böhmisches - see church registry: Church Records from Rojau, Bohemia for our Ingrisch families

M1. 19.12.1793, Neubeschenowa, H 129, Barbara BAUER, wid. Geng & Kifer [b~1750; [?] do Jacob from Landscheid, Wittlich, Rheinland OR, more probably, Michael Joannes from Kenzingen, Waldshut; d. 27.12.1794, H 129, Neubeschenowa]1

M2. 4.05.1795, CATHARINA MALZ /MALCZ / MALTZ / MALG Neubeschenowa1



Jody McKim

For more information
visit my family site

Reiter, Dittrich, Lakner & Freese
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  by Jon Hofmeister

Reiter, Dittrich, Lakner &


Paul Reiter & Katharina Lakner

Their Children:

Wilhelm, b: 5/22/1881
Johann, b: 6/15/1884, d: 12/24/1884
Mathias, b: 5/9/1886
Katharina, b: 3/10/1889, d: 3/2/1890
Katharina, b: 1/27/1891
Nikolaus, b: 5/2/1896

[all Children born in Neubeschenowa Haus Nr. 443]

I recently finally found where my ancestors, the REITERs and DITTRICHs were from. We have been looking for decades. Who would have thought that they were hiding in the Banat!!!

My great-grandfather, Mathias REITER came from Neubeschenowa through Fiume in October, 1904. Neubeschenowa was also known as Ujbesenyö and is now known as Dudestii Noi. Ujbesenyö was the home town he listed on the ships record.  Mathias was born in 1886, probably in Neubeschenowa. I do not know his parents' names but he had several brothers: William, Peter and Nickolas and a sister, Katherine, all who came to Chicago through New York between 1900 and 1915.

My great-great grandparents Nickolaus and Theresia (born FREESE) DITTRICH and their children, Nick, Elisabeth, Catherine and John all came from Heideschütz through Fiume in 1905. Heideschütz was also know as Istvanvolgy and is now known as Hajducica. Istvanvolgy was the home town they listed on their ships records. Nickolaus was born in 1859 and Theresia in 1864. They were probably married in Heideschütz around 1884. The children were born between 1884 and 1899. All came to Chicago through New York at various times during 1905.

My next step is to somehow find their church records in these towns. Any light that anyone could shed on these families will be greatly appreciated.

Kindest Regards,
Jon Hofmeister

Reiter,Matyas Mj Bessenyo 1904  18   Record  Text Manifest  Manifest

REITER Mathias -[R360]- Age: 18 - From: Neubeschenowa
Date Arrived: Monday, 24 Oct 1904 - To: Chicago, IL -Via: Fiu/NY -Ship: Slavonia.  Note: Traveling with cousin, Josef Tepold 25 from Glogowatz



Jon Hofmeister

Gumber, Schwan/Schwann & Baldesweiler
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Joy Eakin

Gumber/Grumper, Schwan/Schwann &  Baltiswalda/Baldesweiler


Jacob Gumber and Magdalena Gumber geb. Baldesweiler

The birth and death information of Jacob and Magdalena remains a mystery.  I do know they lived in Neubeschenowa.  Below is the only information I have regarding their daughters.  If they had other children, I am unaware of it.

If Jacob and Magdalena were still living in 1945, I would think they were too old to be sent to the coal mines.  I would like to know the demise of any of these families. 

Jacob and Magdalena's Children:

Magdalena Gumber - b. 29 mar 1885 in Neubeschenowa and immigrated to America in 1905.  She died in Davenport, Iowa in 1969.

Anna Gumber - b. 15 May 1889 in Neubeschenowa and immigrated to America in 1907.  Married in NY City 11 May 1908 to Josef Schwan (Schwann) b. 23 Nov 1884.  Anna died in 1968 in Davenport Iowa.

Maria Gumber - b. 1885, traveling with Magdalena to US, shown as her sister. 


Anna's husband:
Josef Schwan (Schwann)
b. 23 Nov 1884 in Neubeschenowa and immigrated to America in 1907, he was joining his father in NY.  He died of drowning in the Mississippi river, April of 1915 in Davenport Iowa.  The newpaper article stated, he had a sister Catherine Istvan in Budapest. Josef's father was also named Josef, b. about 1851, mother unknown.  In 1915, when he died, his father was in Whitter California.  Rumor has it he went back and was hanged for bragging!

Name: Joseph Schwan
Death Date: 25 Apr 1915
Page #: 677
Birth Date: 25 Nov 1884
Cemetery: Fairmount
Town: Dav.
Level Info: Tombstone Records, Scott Co. Iowa




According to relatives, Schwann was a native of Hungary, born  23 Sep 1884.  He came to America & lived in NY City for two years, being married there.  Six years before his death, he moved to Davenport & took a position with the Independent Brewing Co., being a brewer by trade.  He worked there until his death. 

He leaves his wife, Mrs. Annie Schwann and two little children, Rudolph and Irma, who are five and three years old.  He also has a sister Magdalena Jessen, in Davenport, and his father, who lives in California. He also leaves a sister in Budapest, Hungary.

The funeral of Joe Schwann will be held from the H. Runge undertaking parlors at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon under the auspices of Davenport aerie. No. 235, F.O.E. of which he was a member.  Burial will be in the Fairmount Cemetery, Johannes Kreeger will officiate. 



Joy Eakin

Family Genealogy Report

US Research Worksheet

Looking for any information on my
families from Neubeschenowa.


Jacob Gumber


Magdalena Gumber geb. Baldesweiler


Madgalena, Madgalena, Petar Korodinia, Jacob Gumper


Müller/ Müeller/Mueller
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Karin Müller

Lind/Linth, Thisen/Tissen, Lindeman(n)





Karin Müller

Muth, Bayer/Bajer, Wetzel/Weitzel
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Diana Dickerson

Muth, Bayer/Bajer & Wetzel/Weitzel

My Great Grandmother, Katharina Muth  b. 29 Nov 1880 in Banat, daughter of Philip Muth, b. 1851, marriage 1 to Anna Bayer (Bajer).  Marriage 2 to Katharina Wetzel (Weitzel) and had a daughter,
Barbara Muth born 28 Mar 1892, other children Anton Muth b. unk, Nicholas Muth  b. unk, Adam Muth b. unk, Philip Muth b. unk.

With permission to publish, the following data is provided by Hans Grimm:

MUTH Philipp Sv. Anton M. u. Margaretha Martini            
  * 27.08.1853 Großjetscha                                 
  1oo 04.03.1878  Nb Tz: Heinrich Jost; Jakob Henning                     
  BAYERT Anna Tv.  Jakob B. u Anna Maria Nischbach          
  * 07.06.1846 Nb                     +22.10.1890 Nb
  1 Josef           *20.11.1878 Nb    +09.01.1879 Nb           
  2 Katharina   *29.11.1880 Nb                                   
  3 Mathias        *25.10.1884 Nb    +31.10.1884                   
  4 Johann         *19.03.1886 Nb    +24.08.1886 Nb  
  2oo 26.04.1891  Nb Tz: Peter Klein, Johann Warrak                        
  WETZEL Katharina Tv.  Peter W. u. Elisabeth Stefan           
  *   1863 Kleinsiedel
  1 Barbara         *28.03.1892 Nb           
Further data from Anton Muth and Margaretha Martini and their parents...  you can find in the FB Großjetscha m539, page 802 which was published by Hans Wikete, 2003, Philipp is born as 6. child...

Regarding BAYERT Anna, more information will be in the FB Neubeschenowa which is yet to be published.

I have no birth date about Katharina Wetzel only the information that she was the widow of Peter Schmidt from Neubeschenowa oo 04.10.1881 Neubeschenowa and was born around 1863 in Kleinsiedel. If someone has more information, please send it to Hans.



Linda Dickerson



Funk, Lindenauer, Knifer, Kopp, Kraus, Klein, Muller, Reiter, Reinert, Schaffer, Schandor, Schneider, Weitz, Wilhelm & Zimmermann
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Magdalena "Maggie" Reiter Kellner

Funk/Funck, Lindenauer, Knifer/Kiefer, Kopp/Kop, Kraus, Klein, Muller, Reiter, Reinert, Schaffer, Schandor/Sandor, Schneider, Weitz, Wilhelm
& Zimmermann

Funk/Funck, Lindenauer, Knifer/Kiefer, Kopp/Kop, Kraus, Klein, Muller, Reiter, Reinert, Schaffer, Schandor/Sandor, Schneider, Weitz, Wilhelm, Zimmermann

My mother, Magdalena Schandor Reiter was born in NeuBeschenowa on August 26, 1925.  My grandparents, her mother and father, were Magdalena and Peter Schandor - later changed to Sandor.  Johanna also has a sister in Germany. 

My Mom's house number was 251 and the Schaeffer's live at 381.

I was in NeuBeschenowa August 2004 and everything is just falling apart, including some of the head stones in the cemetery.  I have a film taken in the village. 

The address # 243 is correct in that it is the house of Josef and Katharina Schaffer, only they are the parents of the present Josef Schaeffer, who is my second cousin.  The family that lives there now has daughter who lives in Germany, Johanna has a sister there and in Romania they have a son from his first marriage who now has two daughters that live with there grandfather in NeuBeschenowa.  I don't know why I have the #381 address but that is where I have been writing and that is the address their daughter Hanni gave me.

The Weldi house and the Kiefer house are also my family members homes.  The Kiefer family is my Great Grand Parents and the Weldi family are related to Johanna Schaffer and Barbara Weldi (whose name is on the house) is my Grandmother Magdalena Kiefer Schandor sister (who married a man names Weldi ) I have the family tree from my mother's side of the family: the Schaffer's, Kiefer's etc. 

I was browsing through the addresses and # 373 is Schandor Markus - not Max  - he was my grandfather's brother and everyone called him Marxi for short. 

My Mom knows Mr. Grimm and Mr. Wanko since she was the one from NeuBeschenowa.  I know about almost all the people from NeuBeschenowa since my Mom talks about them.  My Dad was also from Darowa, Romania.  The family tree from there is more extensive, but I have many more photos from NeuBeschenowa since they all seem to have had the money for portraits.

My Mom and her sister now that are left from Mom's immediate family.

I met my husband of 31 years in Romania.  He is from Darowa the same as my Dad was.  We were married there also.  What a wedding day that was, all day and all night until the next morning when the band played us home.  It was very tiring but an experience none the less. 

I pretty much know all the family stats from both Darowa and NeuBeschenowa, because my Uncle has written two books on our family tree and went as far back as 1500's for Darowa, and my great Aunt (my grandmothers sister) who has passed away and was also born in NeuBeschenowa, had this tree made. 


Note: Concerning the Krausz family in Neubeschenowa: I know at least one family with the above spelling. One of my class mates in primary school was Donate Krausz. In fact I shared for a few years the same school bench with her. As far as I know,  the whole family now lives in Germany. If you need more info, please let me know. - Erwin Deininger




Magdalena Reiter Kellner

Born in Salzburg,
emigrated to Chicago in 1952.










This is a family tree for my Mom's family as far back as 1766:

Lind/Linth, Thisen/Tissen, Lindeman(n)
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Mary Lindemann

Lind/Linth, Thisen/Tissen, Lindeman(n)





Mary Lindemann

  Family of Neubeschenowa
  of Petar Korodini

Korodi · Korodin · Korodini · Korody


My Grandfather was Tibor Korodini, married Katarina Unknown. They had two children Tibor Jr. and Maria.  Tibor Jr. (my father) had three children Petar, Misha, and Tamara Korodini.  

house #: 41b    Korodini             Johann               Barbara             

Passenger Records

Date Passenger Name Age Est yob Last Residence

Ellis Link

1905 Korodin,Franz 22 1883 Obion  view
Mar 28
Korodin,Josef, age 28, [est yob 1881], traveling with wife Terese age 26 [est yob 1883] & son Josef age 6, [est yob 1903]. Joining Brother Franz Korodin, in Phil, Pa.  Prev in US 1904-60 28 1881 Temeszentandras, Hungary  view
Jun 13
Korodin,Josef, age 32.
Joining BIL Paul Werner in Phil Pa. Prev in US 1905-13.
32 1882 Temeszentandras, Hungary.
Wife Terese in Temeszentandreas
1909 Korodin,Terese 26 1883 Temeszentandras, Hungary  view



Petar Korodini

Schmidt, Khiefer & Till
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Peter Solt

Lind/Linth, Thisen/Tissen, Lindeman(n)


Schmidt Mihály (Michael) & Khiefer, Borbála (Barbara)
Bauer in Neubeschenowa

Schmidt, János (Johann) Geb.:12.06.1833. Újbessenyő  (Neubeschenowa)
Wirt in Sankt-Andres - Röm. Kat.
Till, Teréz (Theresa) Geb.:21.01.1834.  Szentandrás (Sankt-Andres)
Religion: Röm. Kat.
Verheiratet:16.12.1852. Újbessenyő (Neubeschenowa) 10 Kinder(Children)

Schmidt, Ferenc (Franz) Geb.:26.01.1871. Szentandrás (Sankt Andres)
Er ist das jüngste Kind. gest.: 23. 09. 1959 Budapest. Röm. Kat



Peter Solt

Family Headstones
click images to enlarge


Reiter & Lakner
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Sue Lamy

Reiter & Lakner


Paul Reiter & Katharina Lakner
Their Children:

Wilhelm, b: 5/22/1881
Johann, b: 6/15/1884, d: 12/24/1884
Mathias, b: 5/9/1886
Katharina, b: 3/10/1889, d: 3/2/1890
Katharina, b: 1/27/1891
Nikolaus, b: 5/2/1896

all children born in Neubeschenowa, Haus Nr. 443
(Peter seems to be missing)

My Grandmother was born on January 6, 1892 in Neubeschenowa, Hungary.  Arrived in USA: March 28, 1908 aboard The Rhein
Married Mathias Gartner on May 4, 1912 in Chicago, Illinois.
(they met through a friend at a dance)
Children of Mathias & Katharina Gartner:
George  10-12-1913
Catherine 10-27-1914
Elizabeth 5-16-1916
Helen 12 –11-1917
Mathias 10-24-1919
Frank  5-13 – 1921
Alma  1922 (Baby died in 1923-Mastoid infection)
Katharina died: July 30, 1922 (After the birth of Alma), Katharina got an infection and needed surgery that was done on July 29. After the surgery she got acute lobar pneumonia and died. She is buried at St. Peter Cemetery in Skokie, Illinois.)

Information taken from the ship’s manifest:

Reiter, Katharina, age 17, arrived on Ellis Island, New York aboard The Rhein on March 28 (or 30th), 1908. She departed from Bremen Port. She was born and lived in Neubeschenowa, Hungary. She was accompanied by her brothers, Peter and Nikolaus. Peter was 14 yrs old and Nick was 12.6. She was single. Occupation was listed as none. She could read and write. Her country was Hungary and her “race” was German. Last address was listed as Neubeschonowa. Listed as the nearest relative or friend in the country where she lived is Lorenz Franibach (or Frambach or Framback), her guardian. Her final destination was Chicago, Illinois. Their passage was paid by her brother.  They had either $5.00 or $35.00 on them. They were joining their brother, Wilhelm Reiter, who lived 865 W. Halsted (Had to be North or South Halsted).

She also had a brother, Mathias.

Nick’s BD 5-3-1897 – Nick had one daughter, Anna

Matt’s BD 1886 – he had 3 daughters – Catherine, Anna & Elizabeth)

Peter had one daughter



Sue Lamy





Katharina Reiter

My Grandmother




1910 US Census for
Catharina (Cadie Reiter)
click image to enlarge

1930 US Census for Mathias Gartner, 2nd wife Josephine & children.
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Fingerhut, Heinrich, Koch, Waltner & Braciu
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Udo Fingerhut

Fingerhut, Heinrich, Koch, Waltner & Braciu


Braciu, Georg (I03767) -- Birth: 1925 -- ??, Rumänien
Fingerhut, Anna (I03766) -- Birth: 20 May 1925 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Anton (I04064) -- Birth: 1866 -- Sackelhausen (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Friedrich (I03768) -- Birth: 7 November 1860 -- Sackelhausen (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Johann (I04113) -- Birth: 5 February 1898 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Johann (I04107) -- Birth: 11 April 1885 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Josef (I03764) -- Birth: 5 November 1894 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Josef (I03760) -- Birth: 18 November 1919 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Katharina (I04109) -- Birth: 19 September 1893 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Katharina (I04056) -- Birth: 1857 -- Sackelhausen (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Margarethe (I04112) -- Birth: 21 February 1890 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Michael (I04108) -- Birth: 26 February 1887 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Nikolaus (I04110) -- Birth: 20 July 1898 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Peter (I04012) -- Birth: 15 July 1819 -- Sackelhausen (Banat), Rumänien
Heinrich, Susanna (I04111) -- Birth: 4 November 1867 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Koch, Anna (I03769) -- Birth: 29 April 1860 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Waltner, Barbara (I04116) -- Birth: 21 September 1832 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Anton + Heinrich, Susanna (M01476) -- Marriage: 27 January 1889 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Friedrich + Koch, Anna (M01362) -- Marriage: 25 May 1884 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien
Fingerhut, Peter + Waltner, Barbara (M01478) -- Marriage: 22 November 1846 -- Neubeschenowa (Banat), Rumänien



Udo Fingerhut

for more information visit Udo's Fingerhut, Voge, Bauermann, Siebert
Family Web Site



Krambo & Ebner
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of Victor Krambo

Krambo & Ebner

See Uncle's comments below


Victor Krambo

Krambo & Ebner
  Families of Neubeschenowa
  of William "Bill" Krambo & Nephew Victor Krambo

Krambo & Ebner


Krambo side of the family....
According to the book Neubeschenowa by Anton Petri, the Krambo families came to Neubeschenowa  from Montbronn, Saargemund, Lothringen in 1745.  My grandfather was Johann Krambo, b. 1872 - d. 1937.   He married my grandmother, Barbara Kannengesser, b. 1875 - d. 1948 (?). They had 2 children, my father Johann (John) b. 1896 - d. 1968, and a daughter Barbara b. 1898 - d. unknown.  They came to the U.S. twice.  First in 1907, returning to Neubeschenowa in1911.  The second trip to the U.S. was in 1914 and settled in Chicago, Illinois.  My father, John married in 1917 to my mother Eva Ebner, b. 1900 - d. 1985.  They had 3 sons, John Charles (1919-1981), Victor Peter (1921-2002) and me, William John (n. 1929).  I hope to trace my family tree back to before my grandfather and find what relationship I might have with the other listed Krambo families.   

Ebner side of the family....

Peter Ebner was my grandfather.   His first marriage produced 3 children, Mary, Anna, and Mathias, who came to the U.S. and settled in the Bismark, North Dakota area.  His second marriage was to my Grandmother Elizabeth Pfeifer (b. 1867 - d. 1945)  Peter and Elizabeth had 4 children, John b. 1888 -d?, Peter b.-1891 d-?, Helen b. 1894 - d. 1937, and my mother Eva b. 1900 - d. 1985.  Peter Ebner my  Grandfather died in Neubeschenowa, a few years after my mother was born.  Elizabeth came to the US with her 4 children and settled in Chicago in 1908. 



William "Bill" Krambo


Current Telephone listings for German Families
  in DUDESTII NOI, Romania

Listings were found at:
www.paginialbe.ro/index_engleza.php3 search in District: Timis

  DUPTA MARGARETA - Phone: 256.378084
Address: , Nr. 364, Sc. , Etaj , Apart. , DUDESTII NOI, 360, 307041

ENGELMANN RAVECA - Phone: 256.378072
Address: , Nr. 366, Sc. , Etaj , Apart. , DUDESTII NOI, 360, 307041

SCHAFER IOSIF - Phone: 256.378041
Address: , Nr. 381, Sc. , Etaj , Apart. , DUDESTII NOI, 360, 307041

SCHIESZ MARIA - Phone: 256.378265
Address: , Nr. , Sc. , Etaj , Apart. , DUDESTII NOI, 360, 307041




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