The Military Administration of Alt-Pasua, Neu-Pasua and Woika

Neu-Pasua, A Short Homeland Book
By Mathias Huber

Translated by Henry Fischer,
Edited by Rose Vetter

  The ethnographic and topographic documents relating to the communities of Alt-Pasua, Neu-Pasua and Woika for the Peterwardein Border Regiment Nr. 9, responsible to the Governor of the Crown Lands of the Serbian Vojwodina and the Temesvár Banat in the years 1859/1860 are written in the German language and are handwritten.  From that period of time there are 219 handwritten reports related to these communities in the State Archives in Temesvár.
  We are indebted to Professor Anton Scherer, an instructor and teacher at the University of Graz for the discovery of these documents.
A Footnote
  The following accounts are from the original documents of the three Grenzer (border) communities.  In order not to stray too far from the original handwritten records we have maintained the primary military usages of the past.  However, primarily for the sake of younger readers engaged in research the author has inserted the contemporary German words for those terms and old usages that are no longer in use.  Lesser known words are explained in brackets.  There are some statements in the original records that contradict other information but the reader should not allow that to upset him.
Peterwardein Border Regiment Nr 9/10 Company
  This is the compilation and presentation of data for a historical and geographical record of the Serbian Banat Region and the adjoining Imperial and Royal Military Frontier District, Temesvár, January 8, 1859.

[Published at 18 Aug 2009]

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