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Russian Records of Donauschwaben Labor Camps Workers
by Dennis Bauer

I had written to the German Red Cross some time ago inquiring about information on my cousin, Anna Eisele of Batsch, who was sent to a Russian work camp (coal mine in the Ukraine) in December 1944 and never returned.  I just received a packet from the German Red Cross indicating that some of the Russian Military Archive records has been opened to the public.

In the packet was her interrogation record and death report (in Russian). What a find. I am lucky that a co-worker of mine is from the Ukraine and translated the documents for me.  Perhaps others can be as lucky as me and find out this type information.  She died of Typhus in the camp on 14 November 1945.  Here is the info provided (translation):

People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs (NKVD - ÍĘÂÄ)
Camp__1201 Battalion, File # 46811 of 32519
(Interrogation of 19 March 1945)

Name: Izene, Anna Josephna (sic, Eisele, Anna, father’s given name - Josef)
Gender: Female
Born: 1918, Batsch, Batschka, Yugoslavia
Father: Izene, Josef – born 1890
Mother: Izene, Maria – born 1892
Possessions: None
Nationality: German
Religion: Catholic
Member of any Party: None
Language spoken: German. Other languages spoken: Yugoslavian
Profession: ?
Education: General
Ever lived or been to USSR: No
Relatives in USSR: No
Criminal record and in what countries: None
Arrest date: 11 January 1945 in Yugoslavia
Height: 160 cm
Build: Average
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Other notes: Passed away 14 November 1945
Details of death/burial: Typhus - Buried: at camp - Signed: ­­­­­­­­Doctor Novachek, Soviet Red Army, 14 November 1945

Personal Note: Documents supplied by the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross), Munich, Germany to Dennis J. Bauer (cousin of Anna Eisele) of Levittown, PA, USA, on 10 October 2011. Obtained from the Russian State Military Archives, Moskau (RGWA).  Original in Russian, translation by Asya Galperin on 2 November 2011. Previous information from German Red Cross; Antrazit (Camp Krassnyji #7256/1201 in Lutsch, Woroschilowgradskaja) Ukraine. This Soviet work camp was located in the anthracite coal region of the Donet basin.

German Red Cross
"Deutsche Rote Kreuz"

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