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Billed was established in 1765 during the Grosser Swabian Treck (1763-1772), under empress Maria Theresia. Village plans from Vienna were used to build villages in the Banat. Maria Theresia  and  Billed should take over a model roll  as one of the first reestablishments of the settlement period.

For  252 houses were established. A house was intended for the church and one for the school. However the structure of the village did not precede straight exemplarily. Because of the late beginning of building activity, only in September or October, and other lack of organization only 30 families  finished houses in the old lane at the beginning of the winter. Already in 1765 families for Billed  were quartered over the winter in other villages, predominantly in Neubeschenowa and St. Andreas. Some families found themselves living holes dug in the ground. the fact that the settlers temporarily lived in such primitive dwellings.

In the following year 1766 the construction work was advanced briskly, so that at the beginning of September could refer to 202 families houses. Twenty houses were referred only in 1767. The settlers houses  were built from excrement bricks and covered with reed. They had one room each at the roadside, in Billed .one room  called, a kitchen, a second room, called Kammer, a storage room  (Speisse), and finally a stable under the same roof. The houses were 3 Klafter broadly and 10 Klafter long and had south laterally in each case an open hall (Gang).

Building of houses were participated intensively, built to a large extent probably under guidance by craftsmen. Many walls were rammed, which went faster and was cheaper. A cost comparison in the work. In late the settlement in the Banat by George Reiser confirms that in Billed also walls were rammed. The 252 houses became reciprocally one-sided along the five parallel running old lane, secondary lane, church lane, fourth lane and sour land lane and along the Zwerchgasse, northern cross lane mentioned.. According to the Impopulations main instruction a pub and a local administration house in a Kolonistenhaus were furnished from the outset. Also school teaching and service took place up to the building of the church and the school in particularly.





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