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1765: 1000 1795: 1700      
1818: 3114 1889: 5410      
1910: 3951 1930: 3791 1940: 2800 1960: 2000 1995: 213

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The Kalvarienberg - is one of the numerous hills on the Banater terrain whose origin is unknown and hardly became investigated. Only some one has carried out excavations and has discovered burial places with grave additions. The finding points to inhabited space of old trunks and people, particularly as the Banat was an ideal gate and passage country for the most different people, thanks to its positive geographic position. After the researching of the historians Florin Medelet and Ioan Bugilan who had on the Billeder community six such comments. Most famous and far most visible this hill lies with the Torontaler highway approximately 1 km SE of the Billeder local border. The 8 metres high and 50 metre in the diameter rather substantial hills because of the crossroads stations built on it named "Calvary". It is the most important and best looked after of these hills. The other five were lost by erosion and ploughing considerably in height. Already Johann Jakob Ehrler has mentioned this hill as a Banater curiosity in his report "the Banat of the origin in 1774" and has distinguished two sorts, from the Roman times and from the wondering of the people. Other authors speak from Turks “Kumanenoder Awarenhügel”. The recent research work shows the exact development of 201 hills applied by human hands in the Romania SW. After investigating, there were no legends about the Calvary. The first news provided about a religious monument on this hill in the inspection report written in 1837 by the bishop of the Tschanader diocese Joseph Lonovics, who mentions the "cross on the Kleinbetschkerek the convenient hill" to which annually on Good Friday at 6 o'clock in the morning a procession made a pilgrimage as well as with dryness and disasters. On November 7, 1845, minister Paul Novak build on this hill the eye viewing  "crossroads", likely between 1869-1872. 

At that time on the hill near the highway crossroads stations with a main cross were built from clay bricks. The Billeders could be proud of it, because no other hills similar in that size were found in any other Banater municipality. The far visible Calvary became Billed’s landmark and still is today. In 1930, the first general renovation was carried out. Losses left it’s partial devastation during the fighting’s in 1944 and the violations during the last 50 years, which were accepted, of the authorities without interest.   



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